Thursday, January 31, 2013

Q & A with Mimi's Freelance Make-Up

Estheticians and make-up artists, I think you will enjoy reading this Q & A with Mariam, a self-taught make-up artist with extraordinary talent. Mariam is a great example how of passion drives a career path, and her hard work and talent are exemplified in "before & after" pictures on her website. Her make-up talent is explosive!
Her contact info. is below the Q & A section.

(1) Did you specifically go to a make-up school, or did you find your
 passion for make-up through esthetics school? Or did you do on the job

Actually no , I didn't go to any beauty schools at all ..I'm a medical student now ..Makeup has been my passion since I was 12 ..and I'm a self taught person through books and youtube videos

 (2) What is one thing you wish you had known about the business before
 you graduated from school

hmm, may be some tips and techniques that I had to figure out myself since I didn't go to any beauty school

(3) What type of make-up do you do? Bridal, theatrical, T.V. etc?
       mostly graduations ,and special occasions as birthday parties

(4) Any recommendations for esthetics students who want to get into
 the make-up side of the industry? Things they need to know?

 first they have to know it's not an easy road .. yet they will enjoy the ride if they are passionate about what they are doing . to succeed in that field , you have to have a wide imagination ..let their mind fly free and catch inspiration from everything around them think outside the box 
(5) Do you need a specific license or certificate to do make-up?
      here in Egypt ,you don't have to have a certified license ..don't know what about other countries though
 (6) Can you tell us a little about your make-up business?
       I'm a freelancing makeup artist ..beside being a medical student , I do makeup in my spare time and holidays not for the money but because it's something am passionate for .

(7) Any tips for landing a job in the industry?
      be unique , and try to stand out , be yourself and you will be amazed by what you may come up with :)

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