Monday, July 23, 2012

Esthetician Students: " I Hate Waxing & Make-Up"

       This topic came up recently, a potential student mentioned she did not like waxing or doing make-up services, and she wondered had she chosen the wrong field. Her philosophy was that she is from a more organic perspective and she does not wear nor advocate make-up or hair removal. Concerned with her career choice, she wanted to know if she had picked the wrong field. Despite hating those two very important components of esthetics, she absolutely loved skin care. She had problems with her own skin and had decided on esthetics school because she was passionate about helping other people improve their skin as she had done.
        At first appearances, I would assume this is the wrong career path for this lady, but after thinking about it some more, I decided that it is possible to find a niche in organic esthetics. There have to be more people out in the world like her that want to take care of their skin, but have no desire to go hairless, sculpt their brows and/or get make-up done. In my opinion, this student might have a successful chance at organic esthetics if she does a business plan and markets towards those type of clients.
          Understandably, you give up quite a bit of potential earnings when you decide not to do two major parts of esthetics: waxing and make-up. Many clients expect that you can wax them and do make-up applications, period. However, in this entrepreneurial society it is certainly something that can be done. Just an example, but she could open an organic coffee shop that offers organic facials, hair care and yoga etc. There are so many things that can be done if someone has the passion for this field, if they have the drive to take parts of esthetics and make it work for their lifestyle and philosophy. So those of you out there that hate a certain part of esthetics, but LOVE another part, don't give up just recreate how it can work for you.

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